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Poconos Rock Climbing

The Poconos Mountain is in north-eastern Pennsylvania between the Delaware River and Susquehanna River. The area has a lot of towns and historic sites nearby as well as old coal mines scattered around the area. There are several good climbing areas for the new climber to the more advanced climber.

One area is in the area of West Nanticoke and Mocanaqua, just down the Susquehanna River. It is off of Route 11, near Wilkes-Barre. The area has grey rock and has a climbing challenge of 5.4 to 5.10 in the area with some high exposure climbs and overhangs that rate 5.10 +. The area is very slick when wet and should be avoided during rain and especially in the fall, the leaves make the climb more dangerous. Also the area has red shade which is unstable and prone to shifting, which is also is a safety hazard.

Another area to climb is nearby Tillbury, the area of Tillbury terrace is not more a residential area but there is still come good climbing there. The area nearby is called Prayer Rock, which is made up of white chalky rock and is safe to climb on. The area is beautiful once you reach the area and even the ceiling is climbable, but it takes enough rope to climb the area. There are a lot of tunnels, high cliffs and the area does not even need bolts to climb it, just enough rope to make the climb itself.



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