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Jim Thorpe

The Man

Jim Thorpe is considered one of the best athletes in american sports. He won Olympic medals, played professional football, Major League Baseball and also professional basketball. After he was awarded his Olympic medals the Olympic commitee took them back becuase it was found that he played 2 seasons of minor leagu baseball before taking part in the olympic games. It took 30 years of his family and friends fighting for him to get his medals restored. The NFL gave Jim one of there highest honors in 1963 by inducting him into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

The Town

The town of Jim Thorpe Pennsylvania known as the "Switzwerland of America" was created in a deal with Jim Thorpe 3rd wife after his death in 1953. The towns of Mauch Chuck and East Mauch Chunk agreed to buy Jims remains, erect a monument to him and rename their towns in his honor. This deal was made in a hope to increase the tourism to the area.