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Pocono Balloon Festival

Hot Air BallooningThis year the Balloon Festival in the Poconos takes place between October 13th -15th. During the festival you can enjoy some of the best food and drink in the area while watching dozens of hot air balloons in the sky's over the Poconos mountains. During the first night of the festival you can watch the balloon captains work on there balloons and fill them up for the early morning launch. If you would like to take a ride in the Hot air Balloons most are available for rent. These rides can be expensive so make sure you have your wallet. If you cant afford your own ride in a hot air balloon there are plenty of other activities to entertain you and your family.

Local craft vendors bring in all the goodies, setting up booths offering a taste of the Poconos mountains. There is always live music that is appropriate for people of any age. If you have kids with you they can enjoy themselves riding on many of the carnival rides there is also face painting. If you don't feel like spending the whole weekend at the hot air balloon festival you can also enjoy the many golf courses, lakes and parkland in the area.


Hot air balloon at the Shawnee Balloon Festival.