The Slots are coming

Pocono Manor which opened its doors in 1902 plans to spend over a billion dollars in improvements if it gets one of the slot machine license. This is expected to bring thousands of jobs to the area. This is not going to be a small project. If the slots are awarded they plan to build a 20 story 750 room hotel and casino. Not the usually small resort in the Pennsylvania mountains. From what I have heard around the net the builders are doing there best to keep the resort blended into the Pocono mountains background. My question is can you really blend a hugh resort in to the mountains, I hope so.

These projects are so big that not only will the resort properties change a great deal but so will the local roads. One of the plans to keep the locals form feeling the visitor traffic is have a exit ramp off of interstate 380 directly to the resort. Since the slots are coming I hope everyone is starting to think about how to work with the resorts to make sure the Pocono mountains keeps its small town feel.

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