Slots in the Pocono Mountains

The meetings over the slot licenses started this week. I am not sure how I feel about slots in the Poconos there is good and bad. What ever happens I hope the area retains its small town feel and protects it environment Nature is the real reason so many people are drawn to the mountains lets not forget it. I would hate to see the area turn into Atlantic City.

Only two resorts have applied for slot licenses which will be awarded by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board. From what I hear we will know who gets the license just before the winter holidays in December. The two Pocono resorts that are applying for a slot licenses are Mount Airy Lodge and the Pocono Manor Resort.

  • What are People saying about the slots.
    • Some people think that anything that brings in the tourist is good for the Pocono mountains.
    • If the Poconos get the slots it will be another attraction in the area such as skiing that will drive business.
    • Many people think large casinos will ruin the home town feel of the Poconos.
    • Property value will go up.

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