Poconos Top Sites in Search Results

  • Under the term “Pocono” the raceway is first. “
  • The official Pocono Vacation Bureau website is number two.

These sites rank first due to many factors. One is the age of the sites. Both of these domain names are old compared to other sites coving the Pocono’s mountains of Pennsylvania. Age is a major factor with many of the search engines these days.

The large amounts of backlinks these sites have also help keep them at the top of the search results. Both of these sites have over 200 backlinks. The average small business website has maybe 20 links. Building links is a great way to improve your sites ranking, make sure anyone you do business with has a link to your site.

These sites also have links on the Open Directory Project (ODP) website. Links from ODP are very powerful and cannot be purchased. If you have a website your first goal is to get listed on ODP. Make sure you follow there submission rules. For more information on how to improve your website search ranking email PoconosP@PoconosPoconos.com

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