Link Building in the Pocono Mountains

One of the most important things any Pocono web site owner must do is get other relevant web sites to put links to your site on their sites. If you own a rafting company that caters to people visiting the Pocono mountains of Pennsylvania it is important that you get the local hotels and resorts to link to your web site. You can do this in many ways.

Top 5 ways to Get Pocono Links

  1. Trade links with anyone you do business with in the Pocono’s, this is called a link exchange.
  2. Pay other sites to list your web site. Join the local chamber of commerce (, )
  3. Send emails to other webmasters that have Pocono web sites and tell them about your site. If they like it many will put links to it,
  4. Provide useful information to your visitors. I have never seen sites will good info not have links.
  5. Pay a professional to get links for you.

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