Get Your Pocono Website Ready for the Winter Season!

If your business provides products or services to winter travelers to the Pocono mountains it is time to re due your website to reflect the season change. For a website to rank well you must provide your visitors with quality content. No matter what your website covers you must change the content every few months to rank well in most search engines. The way people search for information will also change with the season. Instead of people searching Google using terms such as “Pocono summer vacation” or “Pocono lake house” they will be typing in “Pocono ski trip” or “Pocono Ski House” Make sure your site talks about skiing in some way. If you sell real estate write a story about owning a house located on the ski slopes.

Here is a check list for your website update.

  1. Change all images to reflect the season.
  2. Re due your meta tags, title tags and alt tags
  3. Change your keyterms to reflect the season
  4. Ask your linking partners to change your listing to reflect new offers.
  5. Write new content using winter keyterms.

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