Do more people search for “Pocono” or “Poconos”

  • The word “Poconos” is type in to major search engines 5 times the amount that “Pocono” is typed in. So website owners make sure you use both in your content.
  • The term “Pocono” is used more when combined with other search terms. (Ex: “Pocono raceway” not “Poconos raceway”
  • “Pocono Pennsylvania” is typed in 75% less than “Poconos Pennsylvania”

The main point is to learn as much as possible about the way people search for your business. There are certain terms that the majority of people when searching for information on the Pocono mountains use. If you want your site to come up when these terms are typed into major search engines like google you must make sure they are used in the content of your site.

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