Make your next Poconos vacation a bit more green

Taking a green approach to your next trip to the Pocono’s does not have to be difficult. 
Here are some simple tips

  1. Transportation:  Use public transportation while in the Pocono’s.  Visit for the local bus schedules.  If you do plan to drive make sure you rent the smallest car possible this will save the o2 as well as wallet.  While in the mountains you should make an effort to walk or ride your bike when visiting local business. 
  2. Accommodations:  When picking a hotel or vacation home make sure you do your research.  The best way to stay green is call the hotel or property management company ahead of time and ask questions such as, do you have solar panels or low flow toilets.  If you really want low impact accommodations try camping for the weekend.  Check out for a local campground. 
  3. Green Activities:  Take the family or friends on a hiking trip for the day and have a contest rewarding the person who picks up the most trash.  If there are people there will be litter.  Make sure you bring a few plastic bags and some gloves. 

One of the best things about the Pocono’s is the locally grown and produced products.  While in the Pennsylvania Mountains make sure you stop at one of the many farmer markets for fresh vegetables.  There are also some great wineries, breweries and restaurants that the whole family will enjoy.  Buying products that are produced locally rather than imported will only strengthen your ties to the Pocono’s community.  The effort of spending your money locally will go a long way in protecting your favorite vacation spot. 

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