The Pennsylvania Lumber Museum is a place the whole family should go to. Not only is it fun-filled, but the history behind Pennsylvania’s lumber industry will answer all the questions you have had about the development of the state. After all, 90 percent of Pennsylvania was wooded before the settlers moved in. Essentially, this museum is a “must-see” for those proud of their state.

Now owned by the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission, the Pennsylvania Lumber Museum conveys the importance of the knowledge of how Pennsylvania’s lumber industries rose with excellent displays and fabulous demonstrations. They also hold the highly anticipated Bark Peelers’ Convention annually for all to enjoy. For a minimal charge, both adults and children can participate in lumber-involved games just like our Pennsylvanian ancestors used to enjoy. All in all, this museum and convention are highly recommended for anyone who is looking for a great time out with the family in the state of Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Lumber Museum

5660 U.S. 6 West

P.O. Box K

Galeton, PA 16922